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This is the portfolio of David Berman, video producer and photographer. Here you will find samples of my work including multimedia productions and still images which cover a wide range of subjects. I would love to hear from you, get some feedback. So please. Get in touch with your thoughts. David

"He is a first-class multi-media journalist with an eye for images that can tell (and sell) a story. As head of a busy photographic department at the Advertiser, David was a great team leader, committed to producing quality work under pressure, turning good ideas into fantastic pictures and always bringing out the best in colleagues. On top of all this, he’s great fun to work with too.”  May 23, 2012  James WickhamNews Editor, Croydon Advertiser (Trinity Mirror)


Who What Where When Why and How?

Video guy, Stills shooter, Teacher, Editor, Location scout, Lighting gaffer, Sound man, Producer, Script writer, Director, Fixer, Strategist, Peace maker.  

  • Do more with less.

For many years at the newspaper 'doing more with less' always came before "We are not replacing staff", "Revenue is down so no pay rise" or "there is no budget" pretty much negative news.

What it has become to mean is that YOU can make things happen.  If YOU want it to work, sometimes you have to make it work on your own.
about_imageDoing it. Making it happen. Solving all the problems and making it look smooth as silk. Giving the client the best experience is something every creative should aspire to.
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What we got.

A few of the images, videos and some stories from behind the lens

It's not all glamour, fast cars and foreign travel. It's mostly, hard work and long hours. Doing a good job and exceeding expectations makes it worthwile. feedback
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I am a one man band.  I work at Metropolis Business media where I am responsible for delivering professional video projects for internal and external clients. From initial project conception, planning and client liaison through to shooting with high end Sony cameras, booking, interviewing, directing, lighting and editing with Final Cut X / Apple Motion. Creating high quality short video pieces as well as editorial and studio stills photography .

"He is comfortable directing clients, ensuring they hit the right tone with their message, and he successfully delivers communication pieces of a high standard, on message,on budget and on time. David is a pleasure to work with"  Andrew Small Digital Manager. Metropolis Business Media

    ALWAYS ON TIME. I hate it when people can't even GET to you on time? I pride myself on delivering exactly what I say I will. "You kept to time and listened to our suggestions and feedback which made for a smooth and efficient time. They were interested and enthusiastic about our work”  Steve Trim. Director Venomtech
    EDITING.  Internet video audiences will give you. 1-2 minutes? Good editing helps retain those viewers.  
    VIDEO. To be able to tell a story you need to be able to SEE the story. Working smart and unobtrusively when you need and proactive when called for. "I felt completely confident leaving you to interview global CEOs" Bill Lumley. Editor Duty Free International magazine
    PHOTOGRAPHY.Award winning, hip shooting, calm and efficient. self motivated and problem solving. "A media professional in addition to being a first rate photographer" Ian Carter. Editor in Chief. Northcliffe Media.


latest video. Take a look.
"He's a terrific photographer, communicator and digital creative capable of working on projects from small and boutique to grand and bespoke"  David Dunkley Gyimah. Publisher Intl award winning viewmagazine.tv

Motorcycle trip to France

 Rain did not stop play!

B4B a trailer for the new website launch

 Shot and edited in a day. this was needed for a presentation in the US overnight copyright: Metropolis business media

Testing the VW Up with Motor Trader magazine

 My version of the presentation. copyright: Metropolis business media

The TFWA show in Cannes. Shot for DFNI magazine.

  I worked both alongside journalists from the magazine and conducted interviews solo. copyright: Metropolis business media

Electronics Weekly is a new magazine in the Metropolis stable.

 I really wanted to cover their awards ceremony so I came back from annual leave especially. I think it was worth it. copyright: Metropolis business media

Who is David?

Metropolis Multimediaphotos by: David Berman A professional photographer since the late 80’s I built a loyal base customers and covered many stories. Excellent at quickly identifying important stories and capturing the essence. effective dealing with a wide variety of people and situations. Adaptable and unobtrusive or assertive and unambiguous. As Chief photographer at the Croydon Advertiser newspaper I successfully ran and inspired a team of five + freelancers for 9 years. Picture Editor Award winner 04. 3rd in UK, Trinity Mirror regional photographer of the year.02In late 06, Advertiser Editor Ian Carter tasked me to research multimedia for the Paper's website. I found Soundslides. Combining audio and stills to tell a story. The chance for me to tell stories in depth. We sometimes shot features but more often than not the subs would use the ‘wrong’ pic. Crop it or basically screw it up. Newspaper photographers get one, maybe two images per story. Soundslides gave me the freedom to use enough images to tell a story. All I had to do was to learn how to capture sound. Microphones, minidisk recorders, lights, radios, more microphones and then... A video camera. It was a revelation. I received much recognition for my innovation of multimedia in local news, being one of the first in the UK to start using audio with photographs and a pioneer in video for local newspapers. Favourably mentioned by Pointer, on Hold the Front Page, journalism.co.uk and Greenslade, in the Guardian. I Produced a first for local newspapers with a live video broadcast during the 2007 snowstorms. Subsequently broadcast live from several election hustings.
I was delighted to be invited to join Metropolis Publishing in Jan12 to satisfy the increasing demand for multimedia content on the companies 20 publications websites and to provide a service to editors and advertisers, delivering a bespoke video and stills production service. I’m responsible for delivering professional video projects for internal and external websites from initial project conception, planning and client liaison through to shooting with high end Sony cameras DSLR’s and editing with Final Cut X / Apple Motion. I create high quality short pieces and have been receiving excellent feedback from both external and in house customers. I have developed my role to coach and mentoring print journalists in presenting, interviewing skills on camera, shoot preparation and script writing.
I continue to enhance my knowledge of all types of story telling and editing through research, study, networking, attending workshops, shadowing BBC cameraman and training.
Metropolis is a great place. Inspiring colleagues who want to grow and develop into being the best we can be. Its great and I pretty much love every day.


hopefully interesting links or thoughts.
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